Friday, August 27, 2010

Where in the World is Ronald Stallings?

We thought we needed people in our photos to gain perspective, so a hard hat man makes an appearance in a few of the photos this week. Here he is standing on what will be balcony seating at the Hippodrome...

Another view of the Hippodrome balcony from the VIP room

And here he is again on what will be the VIP balcony. This is one of two VIP suites that will be fully furnished with a bathroom and dressing room. Not a bad way to catch a show!

I spotted him again in what looks like some hard decision making. That, or they are talking about how they hate hard hat hair (hhh). This is under the balcony of the Hippodrome facing the bar area.

And a close-up of the stairs that lead from the Hippodrome to the screening room above the bar area in the photo above.

Hippodrome stage is starting to take shape...

Second floor of the Taylor Mansion will have seating at the railing level as well as the raised platform to the best views of the stage below.

First floor of the back of the Taylor Mansion looking up to the railing and raised platform in the photo above. Perspective of photo is taken from the stage view.

And finally, drywall is going up at Studio 518!

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