Monday, October 11, 2010

Progress Report

The VIP balconies overlooking the Hippodrome finally have their banisters, and the walls are starting to get drywall.

The Hippodrome bar is being built and the upper level is in place with drywall going up
And the stage at the Hippodrome is almost complete.  As you can see, it's BIG!
Meanwhile, guess what's happening upstairs in the screening room?  You guessed it, sheet rock!  View is facing what will be the bar with intimate seating for guests of the Hipp.

This is a photo of the kitchen at the Mansion, which will supply food to all locations, including the Hippodrome.  Hoods are installed, drywall will be going up shortly, and then flooring, and finally equipment.

Here is a view of what will be the the wine closet, with a great view inside from the back of the Taylor Mansion as well as the hallway.
Progress is being made everyday.  Soon we will be able to show you all of the lighting, flooring, and finishing choices.  Exciting stuff!