Friday, November 12, 2010

Notice Anything New?

 The first coat of the Taylor Mansion colors.
Trim in the Taylor Mansion entryway
Bathroom at the Hipp.
Insulation at Speakeasy
Kitchen is getting tile on floors and walls
And the balcony at the Hippodrome has it's beautiful railing

Monday, October 11, 2010

Progress Report

The VIP balconies overlooking the Hippodrome finally have their banisters, and the walls are starting to get drywall.

The Hippodrome bar is being built and the upper level is in place with drywall going up
And the stage at the Hippodrome is almost complete.  As you can see, it's BIG!
Meanwhile, guess what's happening upstairs in the screening room?  You guessed it, sheet rock!  View is facing what will be the bar with intimate seating for guests of the Hipp.

This is a photo of the kitchen at the Mansion, which will supply food to all locations, including the Hippodrome.  Hoods are installed, drywall will be going up shortly, and then flooring, and finally equipment.

Here is a view of what will be the the wine closet, with a great view inside from the back of the Taylor Mansion as well as the hallway.
Progress is being made everyday.  Soon we will be able to show you all of the lighting, flooring, and finishing choices.  Exciting stuff!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

VIP Giveaway!

We will be giving away a VIP package during the 2nd Street Festvial, which takes place October 2-3, 2010.  The package will include (2) tickets to the show on opening night for seating in the VIP level and dinner and drinks for the same night.  Total package is valued at over $500!

To enter, visit our booth  in front of The Hippodrome Theatre during the 2nd Street Festival.  No purchase is neccassary.  Contenst is open to persons 18 years and older and limited to 1 entry per person.  Drawing will be held November 1st through, and winner will be notified via email and posted on our blog.

So come on down to hear good music, taste local food, and possibly win a VIP night at The Hipp!

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September brings stairs

Small changes this week that have made a big difference on the job site.  We now have stairs on all levels so no more climbing ladders.  Which means I was able to get an incredible view via the Hippodrome roof
Taylor Mansion has balusters and a balcony.  Patrons will be able to enjoy sitting on both the first and second level patios.
 Ron sitting on the balcony of the Hippodrome enjoying the view of the stage
Nice, large stairs leading from the 2nd floor of the Taylor Mansion to the bar and stage
View of Studio 518
Back of Taylor Mansion facing mezzanine level

This week was our deadline to have finishes, furniture, & lighting nailed down.  It took months of research, pricing, and even a few out of town "research" trips to figure out the look of each room.  We are very happy with the results and can't wait to show some sneak peeks in the upcoming months.

Drywall will be the next big thing to happen, which is very exciting to me because the rooms will take shape and a true visualization will start to form.  We are also beginning to work on the web site for both the Taylor Mansion and The Hippodrome Theatre.  Stay tuned!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where in the World is Ronald Stallings?

We thought we needed people in our photos to gain perspective, so a hard hat man makes an appearance in a few of the photos this week. Here he is standing on what will be balcony seating at the Hippodrome...

Another view of the Hippodrome balcony from the VIP room

And here he is again on what will be the VIP balcony. This is one of two VIP suites that will be fully furnished with a bathroom and dressing room. Not a bad way to catch a show!

I spotted him again in what looks like some hard decision making. That, or they are talking about how they hate hard hat hair (hhh). This is under the balcony of the Hippodrome facing the bar area.

And a close-up of the stairs that lead from the Hippodrome to the screening room above the bar area in the photo above.

Hippodrome stage is starting to take shape...

Second floor of the Taylor Mansion will have seating at the railing level as well as the raised platform to the best views of the stage below.

First floor of the back of the Taylor Mansion looking up to the railing and raised platform in the photo above. Perspective of photo is taken from the stage view.

And finally, drywall is going up at Studio 518!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Week {End}

The week is coming to an end and with that means progress at the construction site. The most obvious change this week is the dome. It's now complete and the scaffolding has come down. Isn't she a beauty?!?

Here is a shot of the back of the Taylor Mansion. The steel beams are in place and the roof is going on next week.
Screening room above The Hippodrome Theatre. There will be a bar with lounge seating.
Screening room projecters that will be used as decoration, they just need a good cleaning!

Stay tuned for next week...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We have a roof!

Wow! What a difference a few weeks make. Things are progressing nicely at all 3 buildings. Studio 518 has a roof, windows, all of it's innards in place. Drywall is next on the list! The Taylor Mansion has tile on the dome, and the back of the Mansion will have a roof on any day. Next up is framing and drywall! The Hippodrome finally has the scaffolding down, the ceiling is complete, the steel is in place, and the stairs are being built as I type!

The dome finally has it's original tiles!

Close-up of the tiled dome

And, we have windows! Courtyard of Studio 518

VIP balconies at The Hippodrome

Steel beams are in place for the balcony at The Hippodrome

Ceiling detail of The Hippodrome

Back of Studio 518

Interior of the back of Taylor Mansion - 3 stories high!

Exterior of Taylor Mansion

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 2010 - Movin' On Up

Exciting things are happening on 2nd Street! You are now able to stand in the space and visualize what it will look like finished. Concrete has been poured, walls are up, and you can stand on the 3rd floor!

Studio 518 courtyard

View from Studio 518 looking at the back of The Taylor Mansion

3rd floor of Studio 518

Back of Taylor Mansion

Tiling the dome of the Taylor Mansion